Golf Academy

A lifetime of great golf begins with the Tee Time Indoor Junior Golf Academy! We proud to support Junior Golf and has developed programs designed around age, ability, and most importantly, the enjoyment of the game. Each of the following programs provides the junior with an opportunity to improve their skills and have fun doing it! Junior programs feature a low 6:1 Student to Instructor ratio.

Welcome to Tee Times Indoor Golf Teaching Academy. Our Golf School has some exciting programs to offer golfers of all ages and skill levels. Our team of Academy golf professionals will assist you in the development and improvement of your golf skills and abilities. We use an indoor driving range, chipping/putting green, golf simulators and state-of-the-art fitness room to improve your game.

Our academy provides year-round, high intensity, individual event and golf position-specific training. We teach golfers, who are now proficient at performing basic and sport specific skills, to perform those skills under a variety of competitive conditions during training. In our academy we place special emphasis on optimum preparation by modelling high competitions in training. Also, our pros individually tailor to a greater degree fitness programs, recovery programs and psychological preparation and technical development. Our players utilize single, double and triple periodization as the optimal framework of preparation.

Key concepts that would be introduced include Full swing:( Impact position hips cleared, swing plane one
or two plane), Tempo: (same tempo with each club, takeaway to impact), Balance: (full swing and partial
swings, weight transfer throughout each swing), Alignment: (aim club align body to intended target), Trouble shots/short game: (use the club face, buried lies, left handed, one handed)

“When you play golf, just play golf.
Here’s you, here’s the ball, there’s
the target. Go to it. Hit the ball to
the target as best you can. Find
the ball and do it again.
Experience, adjust, experience,
adjust….The golf course is made
for playing a game! So go there
and play golf.”

– Noted golf coach Chuck Hogan

Please contact the Tee Times Indoor Golf facility at 905-669-GOLF (4653) to register.


Our philosophy is simple: "PLAY AND STAY WITH US!"