These clinics will be one-hour in length and enrollment capped at 15 persons per clinic. These clinics will be held on weeknights and weekends. For the golfer who would like to work on a specific area of their game, our programs cover the following topics:

1. Fairways in Regulation

Everyone wants to improve the distance they get with their driver and this clinic adds the element of accuracy to the objective. Focusing on driving for distance and accuracy, this clinic covers golf swing mechanics for drivers and long irons, tee box tips and strategy, staying away from trouble and much more.

2. On the Green

Golfers can lower their scores quicker by mastering their “short game”. This clinic covers chipping, pitching, bump and runs, club selection, reading greens, swing mechanics and consistency, lob shots and more.


$25 per participant (this includes simulator time, minimum of 4 per class)

Our philosophy is simple: "PLAY AND STAY WITH US!"