Indoor Golf lessons

Our indoor golf training centre in Vaughan has golf simulators, driving range, putting/chipping green and golf specific fitness facility as well. The golf centre is open 7 am - 11 pm, 24/7. It has change rooms, showers and area where you can watch your favourite GOLF channel. Read more

PRIVATE GOLF LESSONS  $130/ per 1 hour clinic.

WINTER SPECIAL PACKAGE: 10 lessons – $1,250 ($125/hr)

Adults and kids golf lessons designed for players who are interested in acquiring the required skills to learn and improve their level of play. Beginners, intermediate and advanced players welcome ! We will use our driving range, chipping/putting green and golf simulator to improve your skills.

Key concepts of the game that would be introduced include:

Full swing: (Impact position hips cleared, swing plane one or two plane).

Greenside bunkers: (shaft angle, spin, loft).

Ball flight: (manipulate the ball to desired target, club face position, body position).

Ball flight pattern: (Predominant flight, left to right or right to left, body set up, swing path).

Tempo: (same tempo with each club, takeaway to impact).

Balance: (full swing and partial swings, weight transfer throughout each swing).

Alignment: (aim club align body to intended target).

Trouble shots/short game: (use the club face, buried lies, left handed, one handed)

GOLF SPECIFIC FITNESS TRAINING $150 per hour. Packages available

Golf requires a combination of strength, flexibility, timing, balance, power and endurance. Making sure your golf workout program addresses all of these components of fitness means you have to pick an efficient and effective way to train. Unloading movements to create the appropriate range of motion, balance and muscle sequencing leads to dramatic improvements in training results.

Swing components such as weight shifts, balance, staying on swing plane, shoulder turn, core stability and hip rotation all have physical requirements you can address using the TRX more effectively than any other training tool. “Tee Times Indoor Golf” fitness program is produced in conjunction with Titleist Performance Institute and Dr. Greg Rose, both leaders in golf performance and fitness. Here, we have selected exercises and put together a workout to improve your performance on the range and the course. We address all planes of motion, core stability, shoulder mobility, single leg and single arm exercises.

This workout is guaranteed to take your golf fitness to the next level!







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